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Whether you are wanting to taper of psychiatric medication, or have been diagnosed with a psychiatric diagnosis that doesnt feel like it fit for your experience, or if you are an activist like me who is looking to change the way we talk about each persons experience around normal human suffering that gets labelled as abnormal, this page is dedicated to you.

Healing is possible!!! Understanding your experiences is possible!!! I dont believe you are broken or have a brain disorder. I believe that we are all finding our way in the best way we know how and within the IFS paradigm, that includes parts who are doing their best to find safety in a world that often feels scary. 


These resources are all about the healing process and the additional supports that I have found helpful to clients as they navigate their journeys to feeling confident and good about themselves and their lives.


The Maudsley Deprescribing Guidelines by M Horowitz and D Taylor

This newly published book is a beacon of light in the mental health field

Mark Horowitz's research is so incredibly important it is hard to put words to how I feel about this book. 

Tapering off psychiatric medication is a harrowing experience that causes physical and emotional turmoil that is only just beginning to be recognised by psychiatry 

If you are looking to taper, offer this book to your doctor!!! Its a medical text book and in the UK and around the world the Maudsley guide to prescribing is the key text. This de-prescribing manual is set to THE

de-prescribing text

Recovering From Psychiatric Diagnosis

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