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Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy

I am available to support individuals to prepare for Psychedelic Assisted therapy journeys and to integrate the experiences after a psychedelic journey. 

I am not a prescriber and therefore cannot assist people on their journeys due to the lack of legal access to entheogenics in Australia at the present time. 

In working through my own significant trauma history I benefited from Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) undertaken with an IFS therapist and prescribing doctor in a clinical setting, and have valued the deeply integrative work of IFS therapy over many therapy sessions following the KAP which has allowed me to fully make meaning of my journey. I am available to offer this to other people seeking to integrate their experiences. when accessing prescribing psychedelic physicians. 

I have also has undertaken the Psychedelics Today online courses:  Navigating Psychedelics For Clinicians and Therapists and Navigating Psychedelics: Lessons on Self-Care & Integration

One of my favourite poems about the inner transformation experience through psychedelic assisted therapy:

Missed mist

by Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D


I feel in a mist

Sleep walking thru life

Sleep talking - with other sleepwalkers

Triggering out my insides

On the other hand, I float down to my ground

And on my way down I cry my childhood into completion

On the ground a glowing mound throbs, emanating peace

I touch the glowing orb and my sleeping seed awakens

Re-igniting the unfolding, frozen so long ago


Unfolding unto the sun

Upward to the warmth of love

From the glow to the warmth

"The full expression of any emotion is the funeral pyre of that thing"

Stan Groff


Paul Stamet’s Niacin/Lion’s Mane Nootropic Stack Protocol for psilocybin microdosing

Jim Fadimans Set and Setting guide to LSD journeys:


Antidepressant & Psychedelic

Drug Interaction Chart

Click image to download PDF

Psychedelics and SSRI drug lists.PNG

Psychospiritual Contexts

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MAPS image Spurges article.PNG

What do brain imaging studies tell us about psychedelics?

Brain pathways with psychedelics 1.PNG

"Brain imaging studies have opened a window into the mechanisms of psychedelic-assisted therapy. 

Psychedelics reduce the activity of a ‘hub’ structure in the brain called the (DMN).  By temporarily decreasing the activity of the DMN (Default Mode Network), psychedelics appear to enable communication among more diverse brain regions, and possibly facilitate an opportunity to break free from dysfunctional beliefs and mental ‘ruts’". 

Mind Medicine Australia epublication

Drug interaction chart

Trip sit drug interaction chart.PNG

This chart shows probable effects of drug combinations, created by

Click on the table to go to the full chart on their website.


They also offer a useful online interaction checker here. Additional information on each drug can be found here.

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