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This page is dedicated to you. These resources are all about the healing process and the additional supports that I have found helpful to clients as they navigate their healing

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Sentur App

Support between sessions for connecting with parts and for integration work:

  • Journalling,

  • Support when parts get blended (chatbot)

  • Meditations with Lead Trainers and other IFS leaders

  • Daily Parts Meditations Practice™ (DPMP™) tools by Michelle Glass: 

    • DPMP​

    • Mapping parts,

    • Post Unburdening Maintenance (DPUM) check-in and meditation prompts

    • Parts Catalogue Cards

    • and more

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IFS Buddy - Chat Bot

Chat bot support between sessions for connecting with parts 

A really simple approach to understanding to body responses to trauma and social engagement system 

Client Resources

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