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This list of videos is a good overview of the IFS model. I have compiled videos that offer the best collection of both the theory and the practice of the model. 

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Demonstrations of IFS with clients

A fantastic overview of the first part of the IFS model - befriending parts -  explained in relation to working with an inner critic. 

"Becoming Whole: Healing the Exiled & Rejected Parts of Ourselves"  


This is a beautiful example of working with an exile who is carrying shame.


Soren Gordhamer shows a great amount of courage to work with this exile in front of a large audience. Such a gift. 

A great example of the practice of IFS

Richard Schwartz explains the IFS understanding of the mind and how healing happens. This 6 minute video shows the highlights of Dr Schwartz Key Note speech at the Mobius institute. Click here full to see full  key note presentation

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Mastering the Art of Inner Transformation 

A beautifully vulnerable interview with Dick Schwartz


Part of the Relationships Alive podcast series by Neil Sattin

Memory Reconsolidation - The Key to Transformational Change in Psychotherapy


This video doesnt explicitly explain how IFS does this, however it acknowledges that IFS is one of the modalities that uses memory reconsolidation for permanent change

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IFS and Daily Parts Meditation Practice with Michelle Glass Part 1


In this podcast Michelle states, 'Self can be default.' Can you imagine?! She offers us hope from the techniques in her book, "Daily Parts Meditation Practice: A Journey of Embodied Integration for Clients and Therapists." 

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IFS and Daily Parts Meditation Practice with Michelle Glass Part 2


In the second podcast Michelle leads a 10-minute parts meditation. Then we talk about the elements of a parts meditation, the benefits of a parts meditation, and choosing a part of the day.

To find out more about Michelle and all the amazing things she has coming up check her out:

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IFS Talks

IFS Talks is an audio series to deepen connections with the Internal Family Systems Model through conversations with lead trainers, authors, practitioners and users. 

Videos  Podcasts 

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