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Our Ethos - a point of difference:

At Connection Heals we believe that an IFS therapist/practitioner must "walk the talk" of the IFS Model.

IFS is not a therapeutic modality that can be learned through theories and training alone. The cornerstone of the Model is that "The Self Heals". For us to offer deep and lasting healing to clients we must first have offered that healing to our own system. It must be experienced from the inside out. 


To this end, all of our staff have a minimum of 100 hours of there own IFS therapy, additional to the training and supervision they have undertaken in the IFS Model. 


We seek to bring healing to our own parts so we can lead a truly Self-led life, both in the therapy room and in our broader lives.


Additionally Stephanie provides consultation and additional training to all staff at Connection Heals, and at IFS practitioners on the team are expected to complete additional IFS training each year, with Lead Trainers at the IFS Institute. 

We are excited to be offering this point of difference to our clients. 

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  • Internal Family Systems Therapy - Level 3

  • Graduate Certificate of Family Systems Therapy

  • Certificate in Transactional Analysis  (3 years)

  • Diploma of Counselling​

Special interests include:

  • Complex Trauma

  • Childhood emotional neglect

  • People who get diagnosed 'Psychotic'

  • People who get diagnosed 'BPD'

  • Training and mentoring therapists

Stephanie Mitchell is a Level 3 Certified IFS Therapist, psychotherapist, teacher and supervisor. She specialises in working with complex trauma and experiences which often get labelled as 'mental illness'. 

Stephanie is interested in how healing and change occur in the human to human relationship, within spaces of safety and acceptance and outside the constructs of diagnostic labels.


Stephanie's primary focus for all therapeutic work is on creating a safe space where all parts of a person are welcomed and valued, and the pace of therapeutic exploration is set by the client. 

Stephanie works from a deeply compassionate place that believes that all patterns of behaviour, thought or feeling come with important and valuable, hidden meanings, and that as the client and therapist work together to listen to the parts who hold these important and previously unknown meanings and offer them a space to be heard, witnessed and deeply understood, that deep change and inner transformation is stirred up. 

Stephanie’s initial training included 3 years of advanced studies in Transactional Analysis and she has since trained in Open Dialogue, Family Systems Therapy, Person Centred Therapy and Yalom Group therapy, before moving over to working exclusively with Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS). Stephanie is trained to Level 3 in the IFS Model and has undertaken extensive supervision, additional training and personal work within the Model.

Believing that a therapist can only take a client as far as they themselves have travelled Stephanie has undertaken her own long journey of healing from significant childhood trauma over many years of psychotherapy and human loving.


She states: “My healing work with an Internal Family Systems Therapy Practitioner has offered me a profoundly life changing experience - something that years of work with other therapy models has not offered me”.

Stephanie is also a passionate advocate and activist for social and systems change towards non-pathologising and compassionate approaches to mental distress and is involved at national and international levels around mental health reform.

ephanie has over 500 hours of her own personal therapy in the IFS Model and is deeply acquainted with her own parts, embodying the model from the inside out. 

Stephanie offers IFS Consultation for IFS Therapists and Practitioners who work with complex trauma, clients diagnosed with 'psychosis' or BPD and new IFS therapists who are seeking to gain nuanced skills in attuning to their clients in the IFS Model. 

Stephanie is recognised by the IFS Institute as a Certified IFS Therapist. Most workshops offered at Connections Heals are are eligible for CEU points with IFS Institute for therapists and practitioners who are seeking certification or re-certification

(please see each training page for details) 

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  • Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

  • Internal Family Systems - Level 1

  • Internal Family Systems - Online Circle

  • Specialist Course in Couple Therapy – Level 2 Internship, Relationships Australia

  • DV-Alert Domestic Violence Response Training, Lifeline

  • Using art therapy in grief counseling, Centre for Grief Education

  • 120 hours client experience and 150 hours peer supervision experience

Special interests include:

  • Childhood emotional neglect

  • Narcissistic abuse

  • Family violence

  • Sexual assault

  • Disability

  • Same-sex relationships and sexuality

  • Giftedness

Edwina Breitzke is a psychotherapist specializing in Internal Family Systems (IFS). 

After originally completed her training in psychology, Edwina worked as a counselor for many years before moving into public policy and project roles, including as a trainer in the family violence sector. After discovering IFS as a client, she was inspired to return to therapy work using this profoundly de-shaming, effective, creative, client-led approach to healing. 

Edwina believes therapy is a precious opportunity to explore any aspect of our human lives with supportive care and attention. She places great emphasis on building safety with a calm, open and compassionate approach and is deeply committed to working at the right pace for each client. She welcomes feedback and encourages clients who find it valuable to audio record sessions so they can deepen their experience through revisiting their sessions.

Edwina has experience working therapeutically with a wide range of issues, and with survivors of family violence, sexual abuse, and childhood abuse. She has particular knowledge of the dynamics of narcissistic abuse. 

Edwina has substantial and deep experience of IFS through her ongoing work as a client and a survivor of complex trauma. Having done a lot of her own healing work she is extremely comfortable at sensitively accompanying and supporting people working with intense emotions including shame, anger, and grief. 

Edwina’s work is informed a rich and diverse life experience as a parent, professional, and person, and by an appropriate and respectful sense of humor. She is deeply committed to social justice and adept at understanding and considering the impact of the multiple social systems each of our lives within.

Edwina has regular professional and peer supervision and undertakes ongoing training. Edwina has over 100 hours of her own personal therapy in the IFS Model

Lisa Barrett Leichhardt Counselling.png


  • Youthline Counselling & Group Facilitation 

  • Advanced Diploma Gestalt Therapy 

  • Internal Family Systems – Level 2

  • 150 hours IFS supervision and peer supervision

  • 150+ hours as IFS client

Special interests include:

  • Anxiety 

  • Self Esteem

  • Spirituality

  • Compulsive behaviors

  • Personal growth

  • Relationship Issues

Lisa began her counseling journey in 2003 with Youthline Telephone Counselling in NZ. She has since completed studies in Gestalt Therapy and Internal Family Systems. Lisa views therapy as a way to become more open to growth, increase our capacity to give & receive love, and as a result to live life more fully.

During her time in women's refuges and private practice, Lisa has worked with issues including anxiety, unresolved grief, and anger. She also provides support to rediscover or integrate spirituality and to recognize and explore any compulsive patterns or other behaviors that may cause disruption or concern. 

The opportunity to support others in connecting with what drives enriches and challenges them is rewarding for Lisa. She enjoys witnessing this movement towards a greater sense of joy and well-being. She believes that the experience of a safe space where we can meet or stay with all the various parts of ourselves is a key to hope and healing. “IFS has been significant in my own journey. It has led me to increased compassion, a deeper sense of self-acceptance and stronger relationships". She feels privileged to support others to build and strengthen their internal and external relationships through therapy.

The spiritual dimension of our lives is an important aspect of healing for Lisa, and she honors all faith orientations. “I often see this part of our lives neglected - in both myself and others. I acknowledge spirituality as an essential and integral part of our journey. There are many ways that we may experience, articulate, or conceptualize it. IFS offers a pathway to naturally recognize and incorporate this aspect of our lives.”

Lisa values ongoing exploration and growth through therapy. She participates in group work, supervision and continued professional development. In addition to IFS, she enjoys connecting and learning with the NVC (Non-Violent Communication) community. She also has a great appreciation for Playback Theatre and loves to embrace the Sydney sunshine at every opportunity. 

Lisa has over 150 hours of her own personal therapy in the IFS Model

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