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IFS Therapy Video Series

with Dr Richard Schwartz and Michelle Glass

Conversations about what makes IFS unique and

Keeping the fidelity of the Model

​Internal Family Systems Therapy is a collaborative therapeutic approach that honours each persons unique and intuitive healing path. It is a deeply compassionate, non-pathologising model that welcome all parts of a person and offers hope for lasting healing for even our most difficult experiences.​
I believe that only through the mutuality of human relationship can we each find the safety to go within and deepen into all that we are in this human experience. It is through connecting with our parts and building relationship internally, along with healing the places we have been wounded, that we find lasting healing and growth.
I offer one to one counselling, group therapy, consultation
and workshops focused on the IFS Model. 
I also supervise a team of IFS Practitioners who are all trained in IFS. 

What we offer:

 • Individual and group therapy

• Consultation for IFS practitioners and therapists

 •  IFS workshops 
  (for those learning IFS and therapists deepening their skills)

•  IFS retreats
   (for personal work)

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“The greatest gift that IFS has brought to me is some inner peace. It is very subtle changes, and I don’t have to react anymore. That is the beauty of it.” Ann Sinko, IFS Lead Trainer

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